Our Story

Hello! We're Heather and Jonathan, the creators of Tug-o-Wobble — the best new lawn game of the summer!

We both grew up playing games and loving outdoor activities. We've been married for almost a decade and games have always gotten us through the good and challenging times.

We played a homemade version of this game in August 2020 at the height of the pandemic so we could uplift friend's spirits while staying 6' apart!

With the help of friends and family – our early testing community – we experimented with different types of ropes and blocks to find the perfect materials that delivered the most fun balancing and gameplay experience.

We hope Tug-o-Wobble can help friends and family come back together again after so much time apart these past several years.

We can’t wait to share the game with you and hear how it helps you connect and find some balance. We’re all just wobbling our way through life, best to do it with others!

Heather & Jonathan