The official game of Summer!

Wobble instead of war! Tug-o-Wobble is the new game of balance and fun that everyone loves. It's like tug-o-war but 1-on-1 and on wobble blocks. Tug or trick your opponent off their wobble block to win.

Limited Edition : Tug-o-Wobble Game

Tug-o-Wobble is an easy and addicting game for lighthearted people who love to have fun. 

Each round is fast and lasts about 60 - 90 seconds. 2 players tug on the rope trying to wobble their opponent off-balance while friends cheer them on. Best of 5 is the winner. 

Unlike your childhood tug-o-war games, strength is not the key — balance and strategy can beat even the strongest opponent evening the playing field. Appropriate for all ages.

Let the wobbling begin!

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